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Hardware ssss
Computers & Programming Get started with Norton Setup for norton security antivirus software for all around 360 security. Activate product key for
Artificial nose created to detect freshsness in seafood
Science & Technology artificial nose, nose, electronic nose
New Informatics Tool To Keep Tabs On Reporting Of Clinical Trial Results
Science & Technology inforamtics tools, clinical trial tools
CGTrader’s Digital Art Competition 2018
Graphic Design CGTrader is calling digital artists from around the world to show their best works of art. Creativity and innovation come together in our Competition ...
9 automation testing tools to consider for web applications in 2018
Computers & Programming A few UI tools worth checking out
how to enable google apps location access in android
Internet Get details for the process for enabling google apps location access in android devices !! User who is willing to enable the Google apps location acc...
Voice Controlled Home Automation Solution at Excellent WebWorld
Home & Garden A Complete Smart home app is another best effort of Excellent WebWorld as a IoT solution & Services provider with Amazon Alexa Integration, a new voic...
Mobility & Software Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry
Food & Recipies Excellent Webworld renders highly applicable and effective enterprise mobility solutions in terms of robust mobile app, websites, and software which w...
Why WordPress Is the Right Choice for A Blogging Platform
Computers & Programming Today, blogging is the main need among the online advertisers and is developing ubiquity over the world.
How Small Businesses And Enterprises Of Australia Can Survive In This Digital Era
Business In this technical era, People are getting tech-savvy and businesses are getting digitized. And this techno revolution has lead to the introduction of a new customer experience approach.
Why Bloggers Are Opting For Mobile App Development in Sydney
Computers & Programming Today, blogging is the main need among the online advertisers and is developing ubiquity over the world.
Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages In WordPress Websites
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Senelda - Reputed IT training Academy in Chennai
Education Senelda, an IT training academy situated in Chennai provides industry-leading web and mobile app development training to Engineering, MCA and MS passe...
How much does it cost to develop an interactive online food ordering website?
Marketing Let’s analyze the cost aspects of developing an online food ordering website. Also, we will look at some of the features which should be integrated in...
Problem logging into newly linked account
Twincl Community I can't seem to log into @adamthephantump. I linked it to google and now the randomly generated gl# ID doesn't work for sign in. :( @arthurtw please h...
A pure CSS onclick menu with iOS support
CSS & HTML A pure CSS hoverable dropdown menu is easy, but an onclick menu usually requires JavaScript. In this article, I’m going to share a clickable dropdo...
A Proposal for Rich Interactive Content Hypertext (RICH)
Internet The Internet forums and blogs today mainly consist of static text and images. Although rich, interactive contents can be made with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript technologies, most Internet users do not ...
A Concise RESTful API Design Guide
Programming RESTful API design has become prevailing for contemporary web services. This article is not an introduction to RESTful API design, but a collection of...
Hello! New here!
Twincl Community Hi folks! I'm new to Twincl!
Twincl Notes: A free Markdown notes web app
Twincl Community Twincl Notes is a side feature of []( It can be used independently. After logging in, you may manage your online Markdow...
The RICH Player Development Guide
RICHDevelopment ## Basic Requirements Each RICH player should at least include the `RICH` messaging library and invoke `RICH.init`. Please keep the code slim and mob...
Twincl Editor: A WYSIWYG/Markdown dual-mode editor
SiteHelp Markdown editor has become popular these days. Compared with HTML, its syntax is neat; composing long-form articles in Markdown can be very productive...