Total Number of Employees Uber have fired till date

In December, the company had an estimated 26,900 employees; now it will be about 20,000, SF Business Times reported. Just a day after announcing 3,700 job cuts, Uber announced Tuesday it would lay off 3,000 employees and close one of its San Francisco offices altogether. 

TechCrunch first reported that had laid off 435 employees in its technology and product departments on Tuesday, a source familiar with the situation said. In a statement, Uber said the moves were part of a wider restructuring of the company's technology and product teams. 

Uber representatives confirmed to Business Insider that Uber has laid off 435 technology, product and engineering employees.

According to TechCrunch, 170 employees have left the product team, as have 265 engineers. In addition to those who were fired, some stayed for a short time, according to a source familiar with the situation. 

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