Call for initial community members

“Twincl” is a site for people to preserve, circulate and exchange their thoughts. We call it Twincl because good thoughts are just like stars; they inspire and twinkle for someone in the world for a long time.

Our motivation

Why did we build the site? Aren’t there so many blogs, forums and social networks on the Internet already? Yes there are, but they have their own shortcomings. For example, when you got some good thoughts to share or discuss with others, where would you post?

  1. Social networks: Very convenient, but only your friends may see it and it lives shortly. (Unless you share a link, which means you posted it somewhere else.)
  2. Blogs: The content of a blog stays much longer and, theoretically, can reach many people. But it’s hard to keep cranking out blog posts, and even harder to keep your blog popular. Moreover, blog is for unidirectional communication. You decide what to post and your visitors comment sparsely. It’s not meant for dialogues.
  3. Forums: Very lively, yet the quality is inconsistent. Trolls and irresponsible speech resulting from the Internet anonymity are especially noxious; both the reader and the writer inevitably waste a lot of time because of this. In addition, forum posts are short-lived and forums do not fit more comprehensive articles.

Therefore, we decided to build a modern site from scratch, incorporating the merits of forum, blog, Q&A and review sites while sorting out their problems, and set a minimal membership fee ($2 each 3 months or less) to bar the pains coming from the negative side of the Internet. We pay attention to every detail and put many innovative ideas into the site - some of them may be not readily seen at the moment, but will become significant as the community grows.

Initial community members are key

Initial community members are the seed of the community culture. If you enjoy sharing your thoughts on the Internet, we earnestly invite you to join us. The journey of a new community growth shall be inspiring, too.

Come join us now!

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