May your thoughts twinkle for others

About the company

Twincl Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan in year 2015.

Our mission is to build a thoughts platform for people to preserve and circulate thoughts. Our current product is “Twincl”, including in US English and in traditional Chinese.

About Twincl

Twincl is characterized by forum (including link sharing), Q&A, review and blog sites, using CommonMark as its writing format. Twincl features innovative Markdown editing, topic trees, voting/remarks, selected posts, senior authors, logarithmic scales, and more. We pay attention to every detail to bring the pleasant reading and writing experience to our users.

All public contents on Twincl sites are free to read, but only paid Community members may write. We believe that the little threshold will greatly relieve the pains caused by the Internet anonymity such as trolls and irresponsible speech, and helps foster a healthy, constructive culture for the Community.

About the founder

The founder Arthur Liao graduated from National Taiwan University, and earned a Master of Computer Science from Stanford University in 1996. He had been working for IBM Taiwan, NetBase, Yahoo Taiwan among others in various technical and management roles. Besides coding, Arthur also enjoys humanities and arts (for example, he had participated in the performance of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman and Bizet’s Carman at National Theater in Taiwan); playing piano (Chopin Nocturnes and Bach are his favorites); and reading.