Essay requirements

General requirements for writing an essay on a given topic The essay should demonstrate the content-theoretical level of knowledge of social science topics (problems). The essay should reflect the personal opinion of the author on the issue presented (i.e., value judgments - opinions based on the author's beliefs or views). The text of the essay should be balanced. If one point of view is expressed, it is desirable that the opposite point of view should be present in the text and analyzed. The content of the essay should be thoughtful, logically properly structured and structured (it should include an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion). It is necessary to specify the sources of information, facts, figures to which the author of the essay refers. There should be creativity in the essay.

Structure of the essay The essay should have the following structure:

The introduction is a starting idea (problem) related to a review. The introduction defines the topic of the essay and contains definitions of the main concepts encountered.

Content (main part) - argumentative statement of the main theses. The main part is constructed on the basis of analytical work, including - on the basis of the analysis of facts.

The most important concepts included in the essay are systematized and illustrated by examples. The judgments given in the essay should be provable. Proof - a set of logical techniques of justification of the truth of a statement with the help of other true and related judgments. The structure of any proof includes:

thesis - the judgment to be proved; arguments - judgments based on categories that are used in proving the truth of the thesis; conclusion - a judgment that logically follows from the arguments given by the author.

Conclusion - this is the final conclusion on the topic, what the author has come to as a result of reasoning. The conclusion summarizes the main ideas. The conclusion can be presented as a sum of judgments that leave room for further discussion. 

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